Monday, June 21, 2010


Yay! Summer's here! The kidlets wrap up school this week (yes, I know, it's late. My town has historically let out late for summer. When I was a kid, we swore someday it would be July before they let us out. Nice to know some things never change!) The weather's nice, even if it was a bit sticky yesterday. And our pool will be ready to go before the end of the week, or so I hope. We had to replace the liner and the pool guys were here Saturday to remove the old liner. They're due back sometime today to put in the new one. Right now, my pool is a freakin' huge hole in the ground. I should post pictures, really. It's amazing how huge this thing really is. I keep telling my other half I want to rappel down into the deep end and have him take a picture, for scale. It's enormous and I never really noticed it until the water was drained.

So, summer usually means rest and relaxation. And this year it will mean promos and book releases as well, not to mention the five gazillion other works in progress. But, there will be plenty of time for playing with the kidlets in the pool, cookouts, trips to the shore, and all that other summery-goodness that goes along with the heat and humidity. We have nothing planned aside from going to the shore to visit family. That's it. The Boy will be doing the special summer program again, so that rules out any serious vacations this year, which is fine by me. After all the running of the school year, I'm more than happy to kick back and just laze around. Ahhh... that's the perfect summer to me.

What about you? Any plans this summer, or are you a lazer, like me?


Marguerite Butler said...

We'll be doing lots of camping, but in my RV with air conditioning. Oh, and I failed on my half-way point. I hit it, but after midnight last night, which is a technical fail!

Kim said...

That's the only kind of camping I'd even consider. I did the tent thing once. Worst. Weekend. Ever.

Never again. :D