Monday, August 16, 2010

A Quick Detour

I'm thinking of hosting a contest to celebrate the true releases of The Pursuit and Playing With Fire. Now they won't be out until later this fall, but it's never too soon to begin planning, right?

So, here is where I call on my wonderful readers (and I know you're out there!) to tell me what they think or what they'd like to see as prizes.

Right now. I have books to offer as prizes. I have ARCs (complete with editor notes that'll make you laugh or cringe.) I have earlier drafts loaded with my own revisions and notes scratched from front to back on page after page. If it's on paper - I have it as a possible prize.

But I also had an interesting idea. I've seen done before and wondered about holding a contest where the main winner - the grand prize, so to speak - is the winner appearing in a future book as a major secondary character. Now, I've never done a contest of this sort, so I'd love to hear some information either for or against such a contest. Pros and cons would be super appreciated, so anyone who has an experience to share - I'd love to hear it so leave me a comment!

I've got time, but it's going to go fast, so get your ideas in quickly! I'm dying to hear any and all suggestions!


Marguerite Butler said...

I think you should give away chocolate. Well, you asked! I already own a copy of The Pursuit and expect to own one of Playing with Fire just as soon as it's released.

So you should offer chocolate. :)

Terri Coop said...

Oooohhhh . . . give away ARCs (I love em!) and I like the character prize as well. You could give a choice of their own name or to be able to name a character.

Can't wait! Be sure to drop a note on FB and AW when you start the contest.

Terri (circlexranch)

Marian Perera said...

I believe J. A. Konrath names characters after people he knows - or knowing him, people who help sell his books :)

So that's a good idea too. But now Marguerite mentioned chocolate. I like both...

Kim said...

ACK! I forgot I took the moderation off so I had no idea people comment.

I haz a sowwy. :(