Monday, January 24, 2011

At Last! A Contest!

And it's a very simple contest. As I said in a previous post, I hate the title for The King's Bride and I need to change it before I submit it. Trouble is, no matter what, I can't think of anything better.

So, here's the contest - best book title wins a copy of Tiger Eyes and After the Storm (and an acknowledgment in the book when/if it sells!) I'll post the synopsis to the King's Bride, and all you need to do is come up a title for it. The contest will run through January 31st and all entries should be sent to kimberlynee AT gmail DOT com.

Good luck!!!

The King’s Bride

With his coronation imminent, Stefan Vanechka, the Crown Prince of Mordainia, has no choice but to accept the bride who has already been chosen for him, a woman he has never met. Faced with threats from both outside his kingdom, as well as within, he not only must do his duty, but he needs this woman. The woman chosen to be his bride is a Seer, and he will do what he must in order to protect his people and his throne.
Kristian Petroviya never knew she carried royal blood in her veins, and that she was betrothed at birth to the future King of Mordainia. Spirited far into the wilds of Mordainia as a child, she grew up knowing nothing of her heritage, or what was expected of her in regards to her gift. Rather, she was raised as being only one step above a peasant, reared by an aunt who used that gift for her own advantage, until Kristian was able to free herself  and begin her life anew. Marriage to anyone, least of all a future king, was the furthest thing on her mind and the last thing she wished to do.
Left with no choice but to accompany Stefan and his men back to Mordainia’s capital, Kristian is forced to accept a truth she’d never dreamed possible. And as they journey on, neither can deny the growing attraction between them. But when Kristian discovers the truth as to why he has come for her, and what her gift means for the future of his reign, it threatens to destroy not only lifelong friendships and growing trust, but Mordainia’s existence as well.

Edited: Please put Title Contest in the subject line of your email. ! :-)

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