Friday, January 21, 2011

Release Day and a Possible Contest!

Okay, I kind of forgot about the excerpts (sorry about that), but After the Storm is now available both in digital format and in print!

Here's the back cover copy:

When her father’s death leaves her in need of the protection of marriage, Miranda MacDonough travels from her home in Scotland to live in England with an aunt she hardly knows. There, she will learn everything necessary to make her into an acceptable society lady. The only problem is, the one man who makes her heart beat faster and her breath difficult to catch belongs to someone else.

Hugh Montgomery, the Duke of Thorpeton, has spent his life doing exactly what was expected of him, right down to the woman he is expected to marry, one chosen for him. What he hadn’t expected was to meet a woman such as Miranda, who will turn his world upside down and leave him torn between honoring his father’s dying wish or surrendering to his desire.

And here is an excerpt:

...she prayed time would halt but for five minutes. That was all she asked—five minutes more.
But time would not freeze and her absence would be noticed. “Hugh,” she whispered, “I should be going below…my aunt…you need to finish dressing and this is utterly improper. Why, should someone catch us…”
Hugh shook his head ever so slowly, still holding her gaze. “No one would dare enter without my permission. Not even my valet takes such liberty.” He stroked her thumbs again, his voice softer and deeper still. “I thank you for your help, Randi. There are those days when I miss my youth. When I needed no help. From anyone.”
"You are hardly old, Your Grace.” Why was her breath so hard to catch? Another flutter through her belly and the breathlessness worsened.
“I am fraying a tad at the seams these days, I’m afraid.” His words were soft, and sadness tinged his grin.
A deep breath did little to quell that returning sense of wickedness as she bent forward to whisper in his ear, “I happen to like frayed seams.”
He turned, caught her completely by surprise as his lips found hers.

Want to read more (and you know you do!)?? You can find it in digital format at Amazon, and The Wild Rose Press. Want a print copy? Check it out here and here!

Now, I've been thinking of holding a contest to celebrate the releases of both After the Storm and Tiger Eyes. But then I thought, what if I announce it, and no one is interested (the horror!)?

So, I am going to do a little research (begging? pleading?) to find out if there's any interest. The idea was a Name My Next Book contest. The King's Bride is ready to go out on submission, except I hate the title. And since I suck at titles, I thought - why not pick everyone else's brains and throw in a few prizes for their effort? I'd post the book's synopsis, and offer copies of Tiger Eyes and After the Storm for the best title.

Interested? Let me know what you think!


Marguerite Butler said...

Hooray for another release. Congrats, Kim. :)

Maria Zannini said...

The contest sounds like fun. Go for it!