Friday, April 01, 2011

Happy April Fool's Day!

I know, I know. I'm late. But so what else is new? I've been meaning to post all week (of course, we all know good intentions pave a road to a certain warm, toasty, south-y destination, but still...) but for the life of me, the words just weren't there. It's kind of like the new WIP (A Perfect Lady - yeah, she's a total pain in the backside right now.) The words. Stopped.

So, this will have absolutely nothing to do with writing. And, despite the post title, it will also have nothing to do with April Fool's Day. I'm not good at pranks and I envy those who are. So relax - nothing is going to pop out and scare you, or anything like that.

I started back to the gym about a month ago. I quit smoking three years ago and I've gained about 15 pounds since (ugh. Still, it's healthier than smoking, right?) Now, I've got a wedding coming up (first weekend in June. EEEK!) and I want to fit into a certain dress that I don't get to wear anymore (because everyone I know is now married. This couple is the last holdout.) Well, in order to wear it, I have to fit into it, right? So back to the gym, watching what I eat - all kinds of fun stuff.

Long story short, I've lost 11 pounds already. Yay! Thisclose to halfway there. I've bee doing weights and about two weeks ago, I started running. Now, I've got creaky old knees and I've always thought people who liked to run needed help. But you know what? I love it. I'm building up my endurance (up to almost a mile now and I only feel like I'm going to die a little. That's good, right?) and my goal is eventually to hit five miles per gym hit. We'll see. Sexy black dress, I WILL wear you in June.

Oh yes. I will. :D

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