Monday, October 10, 2011

New Digs!

Way back before we bought our first house, when we lived in the townhouse, I had an office built in our basement. We had a two bedroom unit and a partially finished basement, and I used that second bedroom as my office. But when the Girl was born, I had to find new digs. So we had the basement finished into my husband's mancave, and in one corner, I had an office built. It had no windows, since there was a main sewer pipe right behind the wall, there was a door on the back wall that lead to nowhere (anyone in my office for the first time would inevitably want to know where the door led, and had to see for themselves when I said it went nowhere. I guess it never occurred to anyone that the front wall of my townhouse didn't magically expand at the basement level.)

I loved that office. I had a writing table that I'd gotten for nothing from a place where my mom used to work (they did advertising, so it was just a big table. Perfect.) And I had the crappiest, most un-ergonomically designed chair ever. Like I said, there were no windows and just enough space. Perfect.

Well, I gave it up when we moved, which was fine because our house has four bedroom, we only needed three, so I'd still have an office. And this one has a window - yay! My table cracked a little more when we moved (it was already falling apart when I got it. Why do you think I got it for nothing?) But it was my own space. Just slightly bigger. :D

When my mom got sick last summer, I gave up my office so she could stay with us. The table and chair went, and bit by bit, box by box, file by file, my office was dismantled.

By this summer, my mom required more care than I could give her. So we got her settled in an assisted living facility. Which means I have an office once more. And that means I spent the weekend putting together furniture (my hand is bruised from the screwdriver and my left knee is bruised from kneeling on the hardwood floor. Once the desk was built, everything else got assembled in the carpeted hallway.)

So now, I have a new desk (I miss my raggedy table and crappy chair, though.) My bookshelves are back. I just need to bring up my stereo and move a few more things, and then it'll be finished. I spent last NaNoWriMo with the laptop on my bed. This year I can work at my desk (in my new, not-crappy, totally comfy chair.)

It's nice to have my space back, I like my space. I'm possessive of my space (kind of like I'm possessive about my writing time.) I've missed it. My mom is happy where she is (she wants to keep as much independence as possible) and I'm happy because some of the stress that was on my entire family is gone.

So when it's finished, I'll post pictures. It's a cozy little writing space. And everything is together again (never mind my bedroom isn't in total chaos any longer, either.) It's a good thing.


Maria Zannini said...

My favorite part of my writing space is that it has a door. LOL.

My 'roommate' is sometimes noisy and it's good to be able to shut out the tv noise when I need to think.

Congrats on getting your space back.

Theresa said...

Yay for the new office!!!

How is your mom doing?