Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is It Just Me...?

Once upon a time, I used to read a lot of blogs - writer blogs, review blogs, industry blogs. When my computer went ka-blooey last October and I lost so many links, I went nuts trying to find them. or restore them. And I know writers really shouldn't read their reviews, but call me vain. I want to know if anyone's read my books and, if they have, what they think of them.

But over the last few months, it seems to me that either blogs aren't being updated (**looks skyward with a casual, who-me? whistle**) or if they are, it's a lot of rehashing of old posts. Half the time, I don't bother with the agent blogs I used to read daily. There's no point. Chances are, they're posting about something they've already covered two or three times.

So now, instead of spending a good chunk of my morning reading these blogs, I find I skip over a LOT of them. I thought I was bad about updating, but one blog hasn't been updated since October. I don't know if she's blogging somewhere else, but if she is, she really should post a link to that blog. I can't be the only one who doesn't know where to find her, can I?

I kind of envy the bloggers who can come up with new stuff every day. I used to be able to do that, but lately, it seems to me that every topic I can come up with, I've already blogged about. I've toyed with the idea of retiring this blog, but at the same time, I don't want to simply because I prefer blogging to updating my website. Website updates are a total pain for me. They never go as smoothly as I think they should, so I put them off for as long as possible. Blogger isn't perfect, but it's far more user friendly.

It doesn't help that I'm between books right now. How many times can I post about waiting to hear back on a sub? Or how I'm taking a few weeks off to get my groove back because I feel like I'm just retelling one of my own books, only with different character names? It's frustrating, so I thought a mini-vacation would help. It remains to be seen whether or not it helps, or whether it's time to take stock of everything. I wonder if I've run out of things to write about, or worse, lost the desire to write at all. Maybe I've hit a crossroads - and I'm probably not the only one - and it's time to sit down and really think about what I want to do.

We'll see, I guess...


T. M. Hunter said...

It's not just you...I've been finding it hard to post new material that I haven't already. It does help when you get into the "weekly" postings (such as Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday, Six Sentence Sunday, etc.), because then you can post up new material on a regular basis...assuming that you're producing new material that can be posted.

I find having a blogroll on my blog helps, because then I don't have to keep track of whether someone has posted something's automatically updated for me.

But I do find that most of the agent blogs I follow have been repetitive posts lately...

Maria Zannini said...

Topics aren't a problem for me. It's finding the time to write them. I can either write blog posts, or I can write books that pay the bills.

As for reading blogs, the people who do all these blogfests make it easy for me. Every time they have a blogfest or run a meme, it gives me an easy out not to visit.

Anonymous said...

{{hugs}} It's not just you. I must admit, I hate blogging about my writing because I simply don't find my writing process all that interesting. How many times can I post, "I type on my Alphasmart?" or "I can't see my sofa because it's covered with pages to edit"? That's why I started the "Stuff I Like" topic on my blog so I could give myself permission to post about anything. Even then, I prefer Twitter over everything else. I'm the world's slowest blog post writer, so I'd rather spend my time working on WIPs.

Like T.M. Hunter, I check my blogroll and take a peek when I see something new pop up. I also use Twitter to screen which blog posts are worth checking out.

Kim said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I have to get back to commenting on the blogs I DO read.

I also have to get back to blogging about stuff other than writing. I think that's part of the problem. Somehow, I shifted from a little bit of everything to writing-related stuff only. How. Dull. :D

Marian Perera said...

January and most of February were bad times for my blog-wise because I was finishing up my clinical placement and getting ready to take my qualifying exam. But thank God that's all over. I still don't know if I passed or not, but at least I sleep more than five hours a night and have returned to the blogosphere.

So much to catch up on! *waves*