Thursday, March 08, 2012

Still Sick

Last week, I started with what I thought was a cold, caught from the Boy because he just loves to share. Sore throat (ugh. I despise sore throats with every fiber in my being. I heard that if you have your tonsils out, you never, ever get sore throats again. I'd voluntarily have them removed if it meant I never had to have another sore throat. I'd probably voluntarily give up just about any body part, if it meant I never had to have another sore throat again.) Cough. Stuffy nose. Watery eyes. It. Sucked.

And with the hubs working the way he is, I didn't have any chance to really rest. The kids were really good about not killing each other, but the Girl's only 11 so she's not really ready to cook meals yet, and they still needed to eat, and I still had to get them off to school and all, so just hiding under the covers until the Ick went away just wasn't an option.

Well, by yesterday, not only was I still sneezing and coughing, but my right ear was starting to bother me. It felt all clogged and uncomfortable and since I'm prone to ear infections, and usually can recognize them, I caved and called the doctor.

Turns out it wasn't an ear infection yet, but there was fluid trapped down there and it turns out I have a sinus infection that probably would have morphed into an ear infection if I'd waited any longer. Sigh. So now I'm antibiotics and Mucinex-D (which you need a driver's license to get. Thanks, meth-heads, for ruining everything. A-holes.) With any luck I'll actually be able to breathe through my nose very soon. I don't like being a mouth-breather. Not one bit.

Spring can't get here soon enough.

But on the bright side, I've started work on another McKenzie book. As of right now, this will probably be the last one. Then again, I thought A Perfect Lady was going to be the last one, so never say never, right? I'm about 50 pages in, still don't have a title, but it's going well. Or, at least I think it is. We shall see. I've made it beyond the first thirty pages, and that's usually when I hit the wall, so I'm pretty optimistic about this one.


Maria Zannini said...

Ref: turns out I have a sinus infection...

Heh. Looks like we're comrades in arms. I didn't pay attention to the warning signs and lost my equilibrium.

Kim said...

I know the feeling - my husband was nagging me for a few days to call the doctor. He also knows I'm prone to these things. Feel better! :D

bettielee said...

oh my friend, I was barfing my brains out on Thursday... I feel you. Hope you will get moar better soon! I'm still recovering.

Kim said...

Bettielee, I feel your pain. That norovirus (or maybe it was the flu, hard to tell, really) tore through my house in January. The kids and I had it all at the same time (onset within a few hours of each other) and it was AWFUL.

Feel better soon. **hugs**