Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It's been a few days, hasn't it? Sorry about that. I can't really even blame being sick, since I started feeling more like my old self a few days ago.

Part of it is that I've written and rewritten a post several times over. I haven't posted it because it's very strongly political and I've tried to keep my political views out of this blog. I've tried to keep this blog kind of light and fun to read (and hopefully I've succeeded) and so I'm not entirely sure I want to drag politics into it. Let's just leave it at politicians are making me sick. I can't wait for this election season to end. I can't believe all the nonsense surrounding birth control and women having access to it and when the hell did we get zapped back into the 1950s?


So, since I'm not so sure I want to bring politics into the mix, I'm going to blame my short absence on writing. I've been chugging away at the fourth McKenzie book (although my Musa editor doesn't know about it just yet.) This is Emma's story (she's Drew and Garrett's sister) and so far, I'm loving it. I'm a little over a quarter of the way into it and have already been pleasantly surprised by a few events that I didn't see coming until the words were on the screen. Yay!

What I'm not loving about it is the title. I don't have one. It's been Untitled since I began it a few weeks ago. I hate having it called Untitled. By now, I usually at least have a working title. Not this time. No title and I can't seem to come up with anything. Rats. I'm not good at titles to begin with and this has been driving me crazy. I hate coming up with them. I'd rather write a synopsis than think of a title. Wait... no... that's not entirely true. But you get how much I hate coming up with titles, right? (Not to mention how much I seem to just really like the word 'title'. Yeesh.)

But since the story is flowing like crazy, I'm not going to go too insane over it just yet. It'll come to me. I hope.

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