Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I Did It Again

Once upon a time, I had a contract for a book I hadn't written yet. I always thought it would be so cool to do that, sell a book based on a short synopsis. So, when I sold A Perfect Lady before it was written, I was thinking, "Oh, yeah. You are ossum!" and doing the Snoopy dance all around my office.

But then reality set in. I had a contract. For a book that was. not. written. WTF was I doing, dancing around like a madwoman? I had work to do. I had a deadline.

And when I finally turned in A Perfect Lady, I swore I would never, ever do something so stupid again. Sign a contract for an unwritten book? Write like a lunatic to get said book finished on time? Never. Again.


Guess what I did?

Well, I am happy to be able to announce that the fourth McKenzie book, Windemere, is now under contract with Musa Publishing for release this October. Yay!

But the book is not finished yet.


Actually, it's a little over halfway finished, so I shouldn't go too crazy trying to meet my deadline. At least this time, I've got the bulk of the book written. Not nearly as much pressure as having to write the entire book (not to mention the additional madness of having to scrap the first 25k words and start over, like I did with A Perfect Lady. Talk about insanity. Yikes!)

Windemere is Emma and Julian's story. It's actually set after A Perfect Lady, but before The Pursuit and Playing with Fire. Writing a series out of order has been interesting, and it's also something I don't think I'll be doing again. But with this one, I hadn't actually planned to write Emma's story - then an idea for the book hit and that was that. And when that idea became a real story, I mentioned it to my Musa editrix and now here we are. :D

I'll have blurbage and excerptage and cover love coming soon. First things first - have to finish writing the book.

And I swear, I will never do this again.

Until the next time. ;-)


Grace Wen said...

LOL! I remember that Twitter conversation we had on this topic (when I was in the middle of my own deadline hell). Hang in there!

Kim said...

I really should know better than to say, "I'll never do this again." because I never listen to myself. It's kind of like when I ask,"What's the worst that could happen?" Chances are, I'm going to find out. :D

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