Friday, July 27, 2012

A Bit of This & That

Things have been relatively quiet around here, since I turned in Windemere. I've been fighting with the blurb (which will go to my publisher this weekend, thank God. I hate writing blurbs almost as much as I hate writing a synopsis, which is saying a lot.) I'm working on a blanket for my nephew, so my nights are spent knitting and purling, which is relaxing. The other night, the hubs and I watched Sherlock Holmes, which wasn't quite what I expected, but I still liked it. It's the first Jude Law movie I've seen where he didn't make my skin crawl, so that was a plus. And it had Robert Downey, Jr,. in it, which was a HUGE plus. I'm not a huge movie person (I think the last one I saw in the theater was the very last Harry Potter movie, so that tells you how often I get to the movies.) I watch a lot of TV on DVD, though. Right now I'm working my way through M*A*S*H, and you know you've got brilliant comedy when an episode written forty years ago is still funny today.

I've also been doing some research for my next book. It's been fun, but a little challenging. I don't mind research, rather I kind of enjoy it. It's like solving a little bit of a mystery or solving a puzzle. I usually end up with tons more info than I could ever use, but since there's a chance it will turn up in a book later on (like the research I did on sugar plantations for Eden's Pass. That book came out four years ago and I ended up combing through the research files for it for information while I was writing Windemere) so it's all good.

Our dryer is on its way out, so the hubs and I have begun the joy that is comparing and pricing dryers. Joy. And I always find that the more research I do on stuff like that, the less I end up knowing. I hate reading the reviews, because for every one who loves a certain item, there are at least two more who hate it. I hate buying anything big like this because I know that a week after I get it, the one I really wanted will go on sale, but I've already bought a more budget-friendly thing instead. It's like buying a new car, only worse because I lease my cars, so I'm only stuck with it for 3, maybe 4, years. A new washer or dryer or oven is going to be in my house forever.

I can't believe summer is half over already. Back to school shopping is right around the corner. Of course, that means cooler autumn weather is as well. Then again, judging by how cold last winter was (I think the temps averaged in the forties. Not exactly frigid) it might not be such a relief after all. This summer has been brutal. I've never seen so many days where the temperature, combined with the heat index, hovered at 105 degrees. It's been awful, especially since I hate the heat. We've also had a lot of thunderstorms, which is good, since we really do need the rain.

So, that's really it in my corner of the world. I'm looking forward to watching the Olympics over the next two weeks. I love the Olympics - summer and winter - so it'll be a nice break from the ever-depressing news (and endless political bull^%&* that I won't even get into because it pisses me off so much.) Go Team USA! :D

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