Sunday, January 27, 2013


It's been a rough week in my house. Last weekend, the Girl started with a cold. No problem. She handles them a lot better now than she did when she was a little kid (when I'd be up all night with her because she refused to sleep.) But I was still cursing myself because while the Boy got a flu shot in October, I didn't make her get one, and when her temperature went up to 100 degrees, I was really wishing I'd gotten her one. But fortunately, her temp was back to normal by the morning and it turned out to be just a cold.

However, when kids get germs, they are VERY generous with them. I spent most of Wednesday cleaning - dusting, vacuuming, waiting for my DVDs of Downton Abbey to arrive (which they did that afternoon - woot!) and by late afternoon, my throat felt a little scratchy. Kind of like when you've been at a concert or a Giants game screaming your head off.



By Thursday morning, my throat felt like I'd swallowed a dozen razor blades - hot and raw and just awful. I can tolerate fevers, coughing, my head feeling like it's going to explode, but I despise sore throats. They make me grouchy. No, I'll be honest, they make me downright bitchy. And when I'm sick, I just want to be left alone. Throw in a sore throat on top of it, and don't even look at me unless you want me to rip your face off. I'm a lousy patient and fortunately, my husband and I've been married long enough that he knows the best thing to do is stay faaaaar away from me.

So I spent all day Thursday and Friday in bed, waiting for death to come get me. While I waited, I got caught up entirely on Downton Abbey and now I know exactly who everyone is and what's happened to them prior to Season Three. And, even better? Every night, my seven year old son came up to sing Soft Kitty (fans of The Big Bang Theory will understand) to me, which totally made being sick worthwhile.

I still feel pretty blah - now I'm all stuffed up and coughing like a TB patient, so I can't guarantee I'll be back to regular blogging this week, but I will be back next week (in February. EEK! The year is already flying by!)

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