Wednesday, March 13, 2013


The worst thing about going back to the gym after a long absence is how frickin' sore you get the next day. I went back last Friday, and egads, it was Monday before I could move without any pain. But now, here we are, ache-free (for the most part. I have bad knees, so they always hurt.) And I'm already down two pounds. Woo hoo!

I've belonged to my gym since 1998. A lot of the staff has changed over since then (not too long ago, I saw a former kickboxing instructor in the ER, where she's now a nurse,) and a lot of the clientele has as well. But it's always funny when I see someone I remember from way back when I first joined. I don't know them by name, or really to do much more then smile and say hello to, but I remember their faces.

It's a women only gym, which I love. Way back in the Stone Age, I belonged to a Bally's (it was Jack LaLanne when I first joined and then morphed) and I hated going there. It was always crowded and not one session would go by where some musclehead didn't try to hit on me. Ugh.) I far prefer not having any guys around while I'm sweating my ass off on the elliptical or stumbling my way through a mile run on the treadmill, thankyouverymuch. In my gym, no one bothers you and that's how I like it. I like putting on my iPod and tuning out the rest of the world for two hours. It's me time. Really-good-for-me me time.

I'm also making progress on Dance with the Devil, which is good because I'm sick of looking at it and I want to get it out the door. Spring Break is coming up soon and I want it finished before the kidlets are home for that week, because I know nothing will get done. :D

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