Monday, July 24, 2006

Surviving The Fam and Other Work-Related Stuff

Okay - back from the family reunion, which was great, by the way. Unfortunately, I didn't get a whole lot of material, which is kind of a surprise. This is a loud, large (emphasis on that!) Irish clan, so you'd think there'd be someone fighting with someone about something. But, no. The weather was good, but hot. And there was plenty of drinking, which might explain why everyone got along so well. All in all, it was a lot of fun, but didn't yield a lot in the way of book material.
More on this in a later post...

On the writing end, I've started a sequel to my first book and am already running into trouble. Then, I read an interesting article in this months' Romance Writers' Report about identifying your core story - which means simply that there is one theme present in each book. Mine is rescue. In my books, the hero rescues the heroine from a physical threat and my heroines rescue the heros from emotional threats. I identified it right off the bat, which I thought was pretty cool. And while I haven't gotten back to my sequel (working title After the Storm ), I'm looking forward to it because I know where to go now. I'm currently editing and rewriting the damn pirate one (I knew I shouldn't have changed my heroine from a pirate, and now she is one again!). I'm pitching that one in October, so I need to wrap it up, get a blurb written and get that ready. But then it'll be back to After the Storm. I think it's a good story - maybe I'll post some on my website and get feedback. We'll see.

Ok - back to work. Manuscripts don't edit themselves.

Update on submission - The Pursuit is on my editor's desk. We'll see what happens next!

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Sarah said...

What is the title to your first book? I think I might enjoy reading it.