Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Pirates Are Done!

How often do you hear that? But it's true - at least, I think it is. The pirate manuscript rewrite (7th draft) is done. Now, I put it aside for a while, and then go back and look it over again. For now, I'm working on my pitch for the NJRW conference in October. With any luck, all of this hard work will pay off.

I'm outta here in two days for vacation. Of course, it will be a working vacation, as I have kids and about six WIP. The pirates are going with me, along with a second draft, and I'm working on the first (read: rough) draft of what I hope is going to be the second book of my St. James series. We'll see. A few people have asked me about a sequel for Shelter From the Storm. This isn't exactly a sequel, but more like a stand alone in a series. I don't know if there will be any other books - I guess it'll depend on whether or not any other characters need to have their stories told.

So, it will be a working vacation, but that's ok. I have a laptop and my Alphasmart so I'm set. Besides, I'm heading to the shore, so there's all the inspiration I need. I can sit by the water with my Alphie and go nuts - so to speak - while DH entertains the kids. Woohoo...

It drives him nuts - the stuff I lug around with me. The laptop, Alphie, folders of notes, folders of drafts, notepads and pens - ugh... it's a wonder I can walk upright! But, let me tell you, he doesn't mind it so much when he tells people his wife is a published author.

It's funny, how many people are impressed when they find out you're published. I don't really get it - but maybe that's because writing is something I've always done. I would do it no matter what - even if I never sold another manuscript. I have to do it. So when someone is like, "You've written how many books?" My response is, "It's not nearly as impressive as you think." I don't get it. I can see being amazed at someone who saves someone's life - EMT, doctor, nurse. I can see being impressed because someone's a cop (you let people shoot at you???) or a firefighter (you run into burning places????) But an author? I just tell stories. Hopefully they are entertaining, hopefully my readers care about what happens to the people in these stories, but when you boil it down, I tell stories. It's not impressive. I just hope you like them. Give me a firefighter, a doctor, a nurse, or a cop and I'll give you impressive.

OK - off the soapbox.

The New York Yankees are on - and in about five minutes, my hienie will be in front of the television. I live and die with the Yanks and they have a HUGE series coming up with Boston **don't even GET me started on that :) ** And, of course, it's Tuesday, so that means Rescue Me is also on. Only three (I think) episodes left - damn... guess that means the summer really is just about over. Where did it go?

Well, that about wraps it up for tonight. It's my daughter's bedtime and then in front of the tube. Yankees, Rescue Me, Olbermann... that's my night in a nutshell. And then it starts all over again tomorrow!

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