Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pre-Vacation Meanderings

Ok - I am totally psyched - vacation is now only hours away! And while it will be a working vacation, as I said in my last post, I will still have time to play with my kids. Maybe I'll even have time to take a photo or two and maybe - just maybe - I'll post one or two here. We'll see. It's a pretty lofty goal, considering I am a techno-moron. It took me from April until about two weeks ago to figure out how to add the links I wanted, and that was easy! (Turns out I don't pay real close attention to all things technical. Must be the moron in me.)

Anyhow, since I wrapped up the pirates and haven't so much as looked at them, and I'm mad at the characters in the category contemporary I'm working on (they just won't do what I tell them, the f- well, you get the idea!), this is going to have not much to do with writing and more to do with real life.

The only drawback to vacation is that I miss going to the gym. Yes, I confess, I am one of those freaks of nature who actually enjoys working out. I stopped while I was pregnant and right after my son was born (somehow, I thought it was more dangerous to hold ten or fifteen-pound dumbbells over my head when I was getting by on thirty minutes of sleep every three days. I know, overly cautious, I guess!).

Well, I've gone back about six times since October, when my son was born. The first time - when I got the post-partum ok, I hit the gym like a maniac. And promptly realized the cold I'd been dragging around since Halloween was actually bronchitis on top of a sinus infection. Sure as hell explained why I couldn't breathe. Took time off to recuperate.

Went back just in time for Christmas. Spirit was willing, but the flesh just wanted the Christmas cookies and to get the shopping done. Besides, it was too cold.

OK - back in the spring. Got sick AGAIN!!! WTF???

Went back earlier this summer and I think I just got lazy cuz I wasn't sick or nothin'.

However, I quit smoking in March (hooray for me!!). And now, I can no longer deny it.

I got a big heinie now.

Amongst other things that are bigger.

Gotta do something about that.

Happy to admit that my jeans are now loose! WOOHOO! It's working and (hopefully) I won't get too off course with the vacation. Of course, theere is a pool and my daughter is part fish. I think the exercise thing will be no problem...

OK - gotta pack and get my briefcase packed with the manuscripts I'm taking. Those stinkin' contemporary people - they will bend to my will.

Or else.

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Sarah said...

Hope you have a great time on vacation! The only shore we go to here in Kansas is one of a stinky fishy muddy looking water. yuck