Wednesday, February 27, 2008

P&E Being Sued

Oy. I just heard the latest buzz that the site known as Preditors & Editors is being sued.

Now, this website is an asset to writers. Especially those just starting out, because they not only list publishers, but they warn new writers which of these publishers are vanity presses, which are commercials publishers, and any complaints that might be made about any of these publishers. P&E offers up warnings on which publishers to avoid, and for what reason. These lists are complied from writers who have dealt with them - both favorably and unfavorably - and each complaint is investigated and tracked, and left there for any new (and even seasoned) writers to check out.

I won't go into detail about who is suing them and why because I respect what Dave Kuzminski does with P&E and I don't want to write anything that might jeopardize his chances. I know Dave from Absolute Write and know why P&E exists and why it should continue to exist.

Please, click on the link above and check out P&E. If you can donate to the legal defense fund for this site, please don't be shy. P&E is always there to help out writers - now it's our turn to help out P&E. Or you can click on the button at the top left to make a donation as well.


auria cortes said...

Can I copy your text for my blog? Of course, I will provide proper credit and a link to your site.
I figure why reinvent the wheel if you stated the situation so beautifully. Let me know.

Kim said...

Hi Auria,

Sure - that would be fine. Anything to get the word out will help!

And thanks for the compliment =)

auria cortes said...

Thanks, Kim. I'll blog about it today.