Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Shoe Rant

I was originally going to blog about beta readers, but that's been put on hold for a day or two because I've been tearing my house apart looking for a pair of shoes that seem to have disappeared. And it's driving me crazy.

It's warm out (about 80 degrees at 10AM) and sunny and absolutely purrrfect summer weather. So I want to wear summery shoes. I bought this cheap pair of flipflops at Target about three years ago and they are the most comfy shoes ever - I live in them come the summer.

Well, I can't find them.


They've disappeared.

I know I had them last summer - but I can't remember where I packed them. I can't even remember if I packed them, when I packed up the townhouse. I think I had them, but I can't swear to it.

It's entirely possible I left them down the shore the weekend of August 25th. That was the night when my husband called to tell me he was driving himself to the ER. The next five weeks are kind of a blur of hospital visits, lawyer-stuff for the house, running the Girl to school and back, and yelling at doctors for information. I know I packed up the house in there - that all of our things are here is proof of that. But I draw a huge blank at whether or not I threw those stupid flipflops into a box, or even if I brought them up from the shore.

It's making me crazy - I've been through every box in the attic (of which there aren't many, thank God), I've gone through drawers and closets (of which there are tons). I've been through my car. Through my husband's truck. Every place I can think of, I've searched.

So now I have to go and find new ones and hope they are as comfy.

I hate that.

If they are down the shore, at my in-laws, there's a chance I'll be able to retrieve them. If they haven't been thrown out (they are having a major remodeling job done). But it really is eating at me that I can't remember. I mean, I know I was in a bit of a fog, but that much of one? Yikes.

Of course, if Murphy's luck holds true, I'll find them ten minutes after buying another pair. Well, maybe 20 minutes, to allow for driving time.

If not, I'll always wonder what happened to them.


Marian said...

You know what's worse than not finding a pair of shoes? Finding only one shoe and not knowing where on earth the other one is.

Kim said...

A few years ago, my dog ate half of one of my favorite pairs of shoes. I held on to them forever (don't know why, since the eaten one couldn't be fixed) until we moved. Then, I finally gave in and tossed them...