Sunday, September 28, 2008

Making Progress

Okay, so I decided to rip up the original draft of Devil in Disguise and rewrite the entire thing over. Different heroine, different plot, different book.

I spent this afternoon locked in my office (thank God for my husband, who kept the kids from killing each other and driving me crazy. I know so many writers who have jerky husbands who don't get that writers actually need - yanno - time to write. I don't have one of them. Mine's a godsend when it comes to my writing.) working on character studies and plotting for this new book. I don't know if I'm going to outline this book or not, but I do have the turning points already written out, I just don't know quite yet where they will be worked in. But, I can always go and write out a chapter by chapter outline if I get stuck. And yes, I will be making notes about what I want to happen next. Just in case.

And on top of that, I'm happy to say that I'm just about finished with the new first chapter - about 2200 words. Written in an hour and a half. Can we say, story flowing (yes, I know, it's only for now and can change at any time, but woo hoo!) Right now, this is a huge accomplishment because my knee's so sore that I sit and write for half an hour, then I have to get up and move around a little to ease up the pain. I don't like that. It jars me out of the story too badly. But I'm dealing. I go back to my ortho on the 16th (did I mention that in another post? Seems to me I did. Oh well.) and I'll probably have the MRI done. Then I'll have an idea of how long I have to suffer before getting this problem taken care of.

But I digress. Anyway, in an attempt to keep me motivated (read: keep me writing) I've put a new little gadget in the sidebar. Keeps track of my progress. Out there for the world to see. Hopefully it'll keep me from being too much of a slug (read: keep me writing). Guess we'll see. But, if it doesn't change every few days or so, someone give me a cyber kick in the ass, m'kay?

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