Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's Over

The Saga of the Website, that is.


I received all of the files that made up my old website. Thank God. I don't have to deal with that terrible web guy any longer. And from what I've heard, I'm not the only one with the "he never returns emails without a thousand nagging follow up emails" gripe with him.

But it's in the past now.

Over with.



However, that also means my website is down. Well, if you go to it, you get an Under Construction message. But, it's down. For now.

I'm in the process of redoing it - but it might take a while. It seems there is a little problem with my domain name (apparently you can only transfer it once in a 60-day period, or something like that and since I'd transferred it once already - and then decided the hosting company really couldn't offer what I needed (I know, brilliant, right???) - I apparently can't transfer it again. I think.) But that's okay because I can get a domain name that is thisclose to being the same - only I have to use my middle initial. No biggie, right?

So, that will be on the horizon - I'll get the new site up soon, and then I'll be putting the call out for look-sees to tell me what you think. Oh, and if anyone knows a way around the transferring my original domain name (or if I'm wrong about it), I'm all ears.

Hopefully I'll be resuming regular blogging very soon. I know, I keep saying it. But real life has been throwing all kinds of wrenches into the works and making it very difficult for me to resume a normal anything - between my back, and sick kids, and me being sick... ugh, spring can't get here soon enough!

On that note...


Jen said...

Hey, Kim! Glad you got rid of The Web Guy (sorry, for some reason, I always read that with capitals, lol)...good luck with the new site!

Chris said...

Those rules are for transferring your domain name to a different registrar. That doesn't have anything to do with who you use for hosting.

You should have some kind of a control panel where your domain name is registered, where you can change the DNS servers.

Go ahead and get hosting with whoever you'd like, and don't sign up for a new domain name. They will provide you with the name of their DNS servers for you to enter at your registrar site.

Kim said...

I know - I should have kept notes to write a book about Adventures with Web Guy!

Chris - thank you! I knew someone would help!