Sunday, August 30, 2009

Catching Up

Wow - I just realized how much time has passed since I last posted. Holy... I didn't realize it had been that long. Sorry 'bout that. Really.

Let's see... I've been writing like crazy. Finished two first drafts and a second draft, and am now in the process of revising them. I will be working on Tiger Eyes when I finish this, akshully. The work - it neveh stops!

It's also summer, and that means kidlets at home. The Boy and the Girl go back to school a week from Tuesday (YAY!), so that will mean a little more free time, which should (in theory) mean more blog posts. I hope.

I'm also knitting two blankets.

And I just got back from almost a week at the Jersey shore with the fam and the husband's fam. It's been busy these last few weeks, and that is why my poor blog has gone so neglected. Ooops. I have no other excuse really. I've just been busy. I can't believe the summer's almost gone, school's right around the corner (YAY!), and it'll soon be time for NaNo instead. Egads...

I'll work on getting more in-depth posts up. Time to go back and revisit my list of blog topics and see what all there is for me to blog about at all.

Keep your fingers crossed.

And this time, I mean it. :D

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