Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Checking In

I'm still here - just running like crazy. My mom finished up her radiation therapy, but now she's back in the hospital because she's sick as anything. They don't think it's because of the radiation, but they aren't really sure why she's so sick. It doesn't make any sense to anyone. Hopefully we'll have answers real soon.

I'm going through the first edits for Devil in Disguise and my editor is a wonderfully patient woman. She knows what's going on, so at least I don't have that stress.

I may even have a title for Aidrian. Yay! As of right now, it's now titled, Midnight Angel. :D

I'm revising the cover copy and excerpt for Playing with Fire. I hate writing cover copy. It's a skill. I don't haz it. :( Fortunately, my editor does haz it. So this copy will happen. Oh yes, it will.)

I'm in the midst of getting the cover for Tiger Eyes. When I can share it, I will. Promise. :D

Okay, I think that's it - time to finish my coffee, jump into the shower, and trek on up to the hospital.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! :D

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